Dear neighbors!

As you probably already know, we plan to build in your neighborhood. We see potential in the area Östra Station and we want to develop it into a sustainable area with good conditions for the a sustainable life.

We have already met some of you who live here. Our ambition is to meet more of you to inform about Östra Station. But because of the corona virus, we have chosen to set the meeting.

The corona pandemic

The corona pandemic is affecting our entire society. As a community developer, Balticgruppen is no exception. While we are dealing with the situation we have decided that as soon as life returns to normal again we want to start our projects and fill our premises and housing with tenants.

Meanwhile we will try to give you an insight into what will happen here, since you are neighbor with the new area.

About the area

Östra Station is an area that has great potential to connect the center with both universities. We plan for a mix of buildings that houses offices, condominiums, rental apartments, gyms, grocery stores, parking garages and solutions in sustainable communications. In this way, the area becomes a living place with people moving in the area during more hours of the day.

At Östra Station we plan to build housing, offices, restaurants, gyms and a grocery store. It is also planned to build a public parking garage.


Do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us a question by filling out the form. We will answer you as soon as we can. We will reply to the email you provided.

More about Balticgruppen

Balicgruppen is a real estate company in Umeå that has been developing, building and managing real estate since 1987. We are a community developer that are driven by love for Umeå – and we want Umeå to become a attractive city that will reach 200 000 inhabitants by 2050 through sustainable growth.